Supa Strikas | Cheer & Loafing in Las Vegas | Full Episode Compilation | Soccer Cartoons for Kids!

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00:00 Cheer and Loafing in Las Vegas
Supa Strikas are in glitzy Las Vegas to take on Cosmos FC. Coach soon becomes concerned that El Matador is being distracted by the big city lights, and moves the team into a cheap motel on the outskirts of town. Horrified, El Matador does a disappearing act on the eve of the big match. But in Las Vegas… all is NOT what it seems!

20:47 Depth Charge
After a tour of Hydra’s remarkable homeground, the Floating Stadium, North Shaw and Liquido’s rivalry flares up, leading to an explosive underwater race. With the stadium stuck on the sea floor, can the rivals work together to raise the stadium before it fills with water… and before the fans ask for their money back?

41:26 The Determinator
Shakes and El Matador are in such sublime form they are having their own private goal-scoring competition during games. But Technicali coach, Toni Vern, has created a crazy new soccer invention that will push even their skills to the limit: THE DETERMINATOR! Get ready for the ultimate battle of man versus machine

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