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00:00 Cool Aid
Cool Joe is deep in his groove, and crossing like a champion. To top off his great form, he recieves a mysterious golden letter – his vocal talents are needed for a new charity song, to be produced by the legendary DJ Midas Touch! Cool Joe doesn’t hesitate, and joins a host of other Super League players in the studio. But when the recording session doesn’t go as planned for Cool Joe, the song isn’t the only thing that goes off key.

20:50 With Fans Like These
Everyone knows Super Fran is dedicated to Supa Strikas for life – her name isn’t Super Fran for nothing! So when the time comes for the Strikas to nominate their ultimate fan, the choice is easy. But soon after Fran is given a secret tour of the Strika Compound, strange things start to happen in the game against Invincible United. Could it be…? Did Supa Strikas make a grave mistake letting Supa Fran in on their secrets?

41:30 The Crunch
It’s the ultimate fixture pile-up! The Super League’s supercomputer spits out a tall order for the Men in Red: 3 matches in 5 days – all of them away games. Coach has a plan that will test everything from their stomachs to their recovery, and ultimately Dancing Rasta’s leadership. Of course, Invincible United’s captain, Duma, also has a plan, and neither team is letting the semi-final go down without an epic fight. Get ready for The Crunch!

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