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00:00 Cool Joe and The Comet
It’s the biggest astrological event of the century: Supa Strikas take on Orion FC as a massive asteroid passes Earth. But Orion have to deal with another force of nature – Cool Joe’s “corkscrew” cross. But, with everyone looking up at the astreroid, can the Men in Red keep their eyes on goal?

20:22 Icy Grip
Supa Strikas are off to Iron Tank’s Fortress Stadium for the coldest match of the season! Armed with state-of-the-art soccer kit, Coach puts the boys through some extreme mountain-top training before the game. But they’re not the only ones doing special preparation. Their opponents have stumbled on a CHILLING advantage deep in the icy mountain!

41:06 No Man’s Island
With the story-hungry press hounding Supa Strikas at every turn, the Men in Red escape to a private island for their pre-season training. But the guys discover they’re not the only team looking for some peace and quiet. Soon, Dancing Rasta must lead the guys against their arch-rivals, in a gruelling game of cross-country soccer.

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