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00:00 Klaus Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Klaus is convinced Orion FC’s Coach Black is getting help from aliens to ensure his team’s winning form. His teammates dismiss his theories but a shadowy group contacts him to help uncover the truth behind the mysterious occurences above The Soccersphere. Will Klaus’s obsession lead to Coach suspending him or Supa Strikas’ ultimate victory?!

20:43 Field of Vision
Nobody touches El Matador’s glasses, OK?! And when someone DOES touch them the consequences are radical… in this case for El Matador and his teammates, because it’s Toni Vern who’s doing the touching. Ninjas, UFOs, zombies and a TRex… all in a day’s work for the Latin master!

41:32 Roblok Wars
Toni Vern devises an ingenious way to ruin Blok’s perfect disciplinary record; replace him with a robotic double! Soon, the real Blok is in a scrapyard, and the robot Blok is in Supa Strikas’ starting 11! Can Blok escape before Roblok injures everyone, ruins his reputation and doubles the Strikaland electricity bill?!

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