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00:00 Scare Tactics
Grimm FC rock ‘n roll into Strikaland with a terrifying new move! Big Bo retreats to his goalie cave to figure out the “Ghost Train”. But he soon discovers his cave isn’t all that top-secret anymore! An old foe with a penchant for goalie gloves and pastry lurks in the shadows,planning to make Big Bo’s next game is his last!

20:45 Return to the Pirate Tower
Invincible United unleash a deadly throw-in that Blok and North believe is impossible to defend. Shakes directs them to the brilliant, reclusive heading coach, El Ariete, but it turns out he’s turned header training into big business! As Skarra gets wind of their strategy can the defenders convince the eccentric coach to help them win the Super League final?!

41:23 Worth His Weight in Goals
After a cynical foul against Twisting Tiger at Strikaland, Liquido challenges the Supa Strikas winger to the ultimate duel – one-on-one on the Floating Stadium’s underwater pitch! North Shaw and Shakes talk Tiger into it… but soon discover Liquido’s innocent face-off is NOT what it appears.

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