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00:00 Sleight of Foot
When Invincible United’s foul play gets them in trouble with the Super League, Vince hires a magician to pull off the ultimate soccer illusion: how to foul and dive without being caught! Supa Strikas are used to Invincible United’s dirty tricks, but can they handle their magic tricks?

20:20 Dribbler on the Roof
Supa Strikas take their game to the next level as they play Sultans in Skyball Ultimate 5’s – an action-packed tournament on top of the world’s tallest building. What’s more, the winner is decided by public vote. But, with the Sheikh pulling strings to make sure Sultans win, how will Supa Strikas finish on top?

40:32 Hot Shots
Supa Strikas star in a shoddy B-Grade action movie that not only goes to the top of the box office… it goes STRAIGHT to their heads! Coach brings his team down to Earth with a desert detour but the plan goes haywire when the Men in Red encounter desert bandits! But is everything really as it seems?

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