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00:00 Training Daze
Supa Strikas head into the Secret Training Compound after losing to Invincible United, ready to face Coach’s wrath, but nothing could have prepared them for the intensive training machines Prof has built. To add injury to insult, rival coach, Toni Vern, has a mysterious food truck in the desert outside the compound, where he plans to cook up some nefarious schemes. This is one training session the Supa Strikas, Coach and Prof will never forget.

20:51 Sepack Atack
After Klaus accidentally causes a messy yet delicious mishap on the Strika Jet, the team is grounded at Kuala Lumpur airport for hours on end. Coach orders everyone to stay put and get some rest before the game against Barka. To escape the mindnumbing boredom, Shakes sneaks out and discovers an exciting sport that is half football, half volley ball and all action! But will Shakes be able to get back to the rest of the guys in time and escape Coach’s wrath?

41:18 The Crunch
It’s the ultimate fixture pile-up! The Super League’s supercomputer spits out a tall order for the Men in Red: 3 matches in 5 days – all of them away games. Coach has a plan that will test everything from their stomachs to their recovery, and ultimately Dancing Rasta’s leadership. Of course, Invincible United’s captain, Duma, also has a plan, and neither team is letting the semi-final go down without an epic fight. Get ready for The Crunch!

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