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00:00 With Fans Like These
Everyone knows Super Fran is dedicated to Supa Strikas for life – her name isn’t Super Fran for nothing! So when the time comes for the Strikas to nominate their ultimate fan, the choice is easy. But soon after Fran is given a secret tour of the Strika Compound, strange things start to happen in the game against Invincible United. Could it be…? Did Supa Strikas make a grave mistake letting Supa Fran in on their secrets?

20:40 Fly Hard
After a frustrating draw against Sultans, Supa Strikas need to re-group before the return leg in Dubai. But waiting in the wings is a surprise: a first-class ticket on the Sheik’s latest toy: the “Sky Palace”! It has everything you could want for a long-haul flight (including golden, diamond-encrusted toilets) but when Supa Strikas are repeatedly reminded to fasten their seatbelts, Shakes becomes suspicious of the Sheik’s flight plan…

40:54 Greetings From Sunny Feratuvia
With the Strika Jet grounded due to icy weather, the Men in Red take a bus trip to Feratuvia, the home ground of Grimm FC. On the way they realise that El Matador’s live stream, Klaus’s constant bathroom breaks, and a creepy Grimm FC gift shop are the least of their worries, as the forests of Feratuvia hold something much more terrifying…

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