The Belly Button Song & More | Kids Songs with Don from The learning Station | The Mik Maks

Joel and Al are joined by the one and only Don from The Learning Station for a sing and a dance on Grandpa’s Farm. Singing the The Mik Maks hit kids songs ‘The Belly Button Song’, ‘Bruce the Hairy Crocodile’ and ‘The Caterpillar Song’. These songs are great for teaching children about the different parts of the body as well as engaging them in incidental exercise and having lots of fun. We hope you enjoy our video collaboration with The Learning Station.

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Don Monopoli is the leading presenter, songwriter and performer. The Learning Station’s music is founded upon, “Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind.” NEW action, dance & learning vids for kids are uploaded weekly to YouTube. Subscribe now!
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Move, learn and play with The Mik Maks as we focus on teaching children about traditional family values like sharing, cooperation between siblings and respect for elders in a fun and engaging way.

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