The Mik Maks and Starlight Foundation Danceathon Live Show!

Join Joel, Al and Drums the Panda for an educational musical adventure, with songs, special guests and laughs. You never know where The Mik Maks will take you!
Today’s stream partner is our dear friends at the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia. Please explore their different platforms and discover how you can support this incredible Foundation. Keep an eye out for the incredible Captain Starlight during the show.

Mik Mak Live Streams happen every Thursday. Make sure you like The Mik Maks Facebook page to be notified of their next show.

Stream Raiser
If you’d like more fun, laughs and live entertainment to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation, you are invited to tune into the FIRST-Ever Starlight Stream Raiser LIVE Event! On Thursday 25th from 5-8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, Starlight is hosting a free online event on their YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter channels with exciting performance, celebrity appearances and epic giveaways, like Nintendo and Maton Guitar! Head to to check out the schedule and prizes you can win. Join Starlight next week to brighten your night and the lives of Starlight kids across Australia.”

Did you know that Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia have their very own YouTube channel?
“If you’d like to see more of Captain Starlight and see all of the hilarious games they play and the fun adventures they go on, you can head over to YouTube and subscribe to Starlight Kids TV”