Toddler Learning Video with Ms Rachel | 2 Year Old Milestones, Speech & Social Skills for Toddlers

Ms Rachel will teach important 2 year old milestones and social skills for toddlers and preschoolers in this fun toddler learning video! Join her at the playground to play, learn, move, sing and make new friends! This is a great video for children ages two years old to four years old. Ms Rachel also incorporates fun nursery rhymes & kids songs into every episode. 

This program is not a substitute for speech therapy, regular doctors check-ups or early intervention. If your child is not meeting milestones, call your pediatrician and call early intervention for your state. Some of the milestones in this episode are from the CDC’s developmental milestones. You can Google them and use them to monitor your child’s development. These are two year old milestones.

This episode may be helpful for autistic children who need extra support with social skills. Video modeling can be helpful for children who have autism. Ms Rachel loves making videos for toddlers and preschoolers. Making high quality, educational videos for toddlers  is her passion. We believe these are the best toddler learning videos out there because Ms Rachel is a real teacher and her content uses research based techniques, real preschool learning standards and Broadway inspired music, dance and movement songs for toddlers. 

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