Trucks and Excavators – Morphle vs Orphle | Cartoons for Kids | Morphle TV

In this special My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon ‘Trucks and Excavators’, Morphle and Orphle battle it out to the best sandcastle with the help of trucks and vehicles.

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My Magic Pet Morphle is a fun and educational cartoon for kids. Watch Morphle morph into all sorts of exciting things from Trucks and Cars to Robots and Dragons. Join in the adventure with Mila and Morphle as they meet a bunch of magical pets and fun characters.

0:00 Trucks and Excavators
3:34 The Dinosaur Race
7:36 My Toy Dinosaurs
14:54 The Storm Bandits
19:15 Morphle Eats Too Much Ice Cream
23:43 Vanderboos in the Sky
29:25 Morphle goes to the dentist

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